Informations about processing of personal data

1) The controller of the processing

The controller of the processing of personal data is Villa Tiberio SRL, in person of legal representative, with legal address in ROME (Via Nazionale 200). Personal data are collected from the Controller through the registration and archiving in our printed and eletronic database. The processing is deployed in accordance with principles of fairness, lawfulness, trasparency, purpose limitation and retention, data minimisation, accuracy, entirety and privacy and accountability.

2) Manager of processing

The manager of the processing data is STEPHAN MICHEL MERCIER. The person in charge appointed is the contact point for those concerned who seek to get informations about processing of their own data; they can be contacted using the following mail address:

3) Purposes of the processing for which the personal data are intended and Legal Basis

Data collected and processing will be used olny for the following purpose: commercial, corporate comunications for advertisement and promotional purpose and to allow for the use by customer of the hotel’s services and the internet point in the hotel’s hall. Processing data will be collected - inclusive possible sensitive data and relating to criminal convinctions for which is necessary to give your consent to express at the bottom of this information - for the purpose of management described previously. All collected data are processing only for compliance related to the Controller’s activities, wich legal bases are writed in the contract concluded by both parties by mutual consent.

4) Kind of transfer of the data

The transfer of the personal data and the processing of it on behalf of the Controller, for the purposes described, are necessary for the establishment, for the continuation and for the correct managing of the customer relationship or it is intended as mandatory by legal basis, regulation or Community rules; refusal to provide personal data requested is likely to cause the impossibility, in whole or in part, to improve the customer relationship in place or under development. The transfer of personal data and the processing on behalf of the Controller for the purpose described in paragraph 3.a is optional and the refusal, in part also, will not bring any consequence.

5) Mode of the processing data

Data will be processed using hand-held instruments, computers and telematic tools in accordance with purposes described and to ensure data security and confidentiality as legal base request.

6) Categories of subjects to which the data can be comunicated

Processing of personal data will take place by subjects specifically designated as the appointed ones; these subjects will manage data in line with istructions received by Controller of the processing. Data can be managed by outsourcer, that are in place for service’s providing related to the purpose pursued, which our organization values from time to time, to assure better protection, if appoint as external managers of the processing from these take in place. In all cases, these subjects will process data in line with the istructions received by Controller limited as necessary to process operations specified within services requested and only for the purpose described in this document. Data will not be disseminated.

7) Duration of the processing and storage

Data collected will be stored for some period of time not exceeding that necessary to the purpose for are collected, to fulfill contractual obligations, laws an regulations respecting the rights. Criteria to determinate the duration of storage is established by specific rules that regualate the Controller’s activity of processing or by specific rules of the Guarantor for the protection of the personal data; it is noted that your personal data can be stored also for the time in according with Italian regulamentations.

8) Data subjects’ rights

To the subject are recongnised the following rights:

  1. To obtain the deletion or the transformation in anonymous form or blocking of personal data in breach of the law;
  2. To obtain the update, the correction and the integration of data;
  3. To obtain the confirmation that these operations are knowed from they to these data are comunicated;
  4. To oppose for legitimate reasons, to the processing data and to the profiling;
  5. To obtain the restriction of the processing by another Controller and the portability also.

It is also recalled that the customer has ever the right to expose a claim to the Autorità Garante for the protection of the personal data and the exsercise of the rights or for any problem related to the processing of personal data. The customer has ever the rights to withdraw his consent to the processing data, without undermining the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent gave before.

9) Children

In the comunication of personal data must be guaranted an age of not less than of 16, pursuant the Article 8. On this is precised that this Article is not refered to any online processing of the data, nor to any service of the Information Society to the children can access. The standard only applies to the services under direct offer, and in the field in which processing is based on agreement by customer.


Read this document, I agree to process my personal data for the purpose exposed in this document.